January 2011

Date Title
1/7/11 Enewsletter: A New Congress with New Rules

December 2010

Date Title
12/17/10 Enewsletter: Health Care Bill Ruled Unconstitutional. What Now?
12/2/10 Enewsletter: The Christening of the USS Fort Worth

November 2010

Date Title
11/5/10 Enewsletter: A Congress That Will Listen To You

October 2010

Date Title
10/22/10 Enewsletter: When Will It Stop?
10/14/10 Enewsletter: Small Business, Big Results
10/8/10 Enewsletter: Big Promises. Big Failures.

September 2010

Date Title
9/30/10 Enewsletter: Gone`til November

July 2007

Date Title
7/1/07 Enewsletter: The Check's in the Mail

February 2007

Date Title
2/13/07 Holding Firm