July 31, 2007                                                     
Granger Talks With Bush about Iraq
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth), Vice Chair of the Republican Conference, today met with President Bush and other female Republican House Members to discuss the situation in Iraq. Granger released the following statement after the meeting.
“In our meeting today with President Bush, my female House colleagues and I asked questions about the war in Iraq and about our current strategy. The President listened intently to Members and also candidly expressed some of his concerns and the progress of the war.
“The President talked about the report General Petraeus is going to give to Congress in September and told us that Petraeus will be giving an honest assessment of the war in Iraq and the surge. He said he talks to Petraeus regularly and has good confidence in him.
“He hopes Members continue giving the surge time to work and stressed that it’s only been a matter of weeks since it has been fully in place.
“He told Members he was considering all options but as Commander in Chief, he would make decisions based on recommendations of those on the ground. The President did acknowledge early reports showing signs the surge is working.
“Before leaving, I told the President about meeting with the family of a fallen soldier. They asked me to thank the President for the way in which their son was brought home. The President was moved by that.”