June 27, 2007  


Granger: House Republicans Stand Behind Pledge to Secure Our Borders


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) issued the following statement after voting with the House Republican Conference to adopt a resolution expressing its opposition to the Senate immigration bill:

“Americans across this country have sent a resounding message that securing our borders is the number one priority. Yesterday, House Republicans stood united behind the message of the American people and recommitted their effort to strictly enforce the laws we have on the books to make the border more secure.

 "As a representative from the border state of Texas, I know first hand that securing our borders isn't just about stopping the flow of illegal immigration. It's about the much broader national security threat from international terrorists who wish to harm American families.

"The men and women who work to secure our borders and protect our country deserve all the support and resources necessary to fulfill their jobs. House Republicans are committed to the success of our border security officers and the security they provide to this country."