Mr. Speaker, congress' number one responsibility is to provide for the defense of this nation. And this agreement enables us to it fulfill the most fundamental constitutional duty. This bill reflects the needs of our defense and intelligence experts so they have the resources needed to combat the threats of today and in the future.

This bill focused on readiness, modernization, and innovation. Without these funds our military can begin to rebuild after 16 years of war. The needs are great.

We also include a 2.4% pay raise authorized for our troops for our appreciation for what they do. For procurement, the bill increases investment in ground vehicles, aircraft, ships, munitions, and/or equipment. Secretary Mattis said he never wants our enemies to face a fair fight.

This bill ensures our enemies will face a strong and ready U.S. Military. It makes investments in vital aircraft, including joint strike fighters, fair fight. This Chinooks, Lakotas, Blackhawks, and c-130's. For the Navy it funds 14 Navy ships, including one carrier replacement, three combat ships, two guided missile destroyers, two attack guided m destroyers, two attack submarines, and funding to continue the Ohio replacement submarine program.

The National Guard is critical to our national security, and this agreement provides 60130 aircraft. And funding for the National Guard for support of the southwest border. Additional funding for Army National Guard, cyber protection teams, and $1.3 billion for the National Guard and reserve equipment account.

Our military must be ready for future threats. The Department of Defense must look five, 10, and 20 years ahead make sure we have the weapons systems we need. That's why this agreement also prioritizes research and development, including next generation space systems and future ballistic missile defense programs.

Last, after talking with secretary Mattis, we included new flexibility for D.O.D. To ensure that funds were able to be spent in the smartest way possible while still maintaining stringent oversight. I yield back the balance of my time.