WASHINGTON – Today, Top Republican on the Appropriations Committee Kay Granger (R-TX) released the following statement on the Democrats' inaction to further support small businesses through the Small Businesses Administration's successful, and now unfortunately unfunded, Paycheck Protection Program.

"Congress must immediately pass legislation to put more money into the Paycheck Protection Program. Small businesses and their employees are suffering because the Democrats have blocked Republican efforts to provide more funding for this critical program," said Granger.

"This program keeps small businesses open and employees paid - there should not be partisan fighting over that. There is no money left in the fund. Having to wait even just one day for help can mean the difference between a small business’s survival and failure. One day can make the difference between employees receiving paychecks or getting laid off.

"Small businesses and their hardworking employees can’t afford to wait. Democrats must work with us to put more money in the Paycheck Protection Program immediately."