WASHINGTON, D.C.-Congresswoman Kay Granger was honored this week by the C3 Colorectal Cancer Coalition for her efforts in Congress to fight colorectal cancer.

“I appreciate the dedicated work of the C3 Colorectal Cancer Coalition and it is a privilege to be honored by them this year,” said Granger.

Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, every five seconds someone who should have been screened for colorectal cancer is not.  The costs of two thirds of these colorectal cancer cases are borne by the Medicare program.  The Lewin Group recently conducted a comprehensive study of the potential cost savings to Medicare and found that every 10 years a colorectal cancer screening program will result in savings of about 1.5 years worth of Medicare expenditures. 

Last year, Congresswoman Granger introduced the colorectal screening bill (H.R. 1738), that would increase funding for colorectal cancer screenings, establish a national screening program for colorectal cancer individuals over 50 years of age or who are at high risk, and create a public awareness and education campaign on colorectal cancer.  Granger’s bill currently has 117 co-sponsors. 

“Lives and money could be saved if more individuals knew the importance of preventative care,” Granger added.