August 30, 2002  


Granger Speaks with Hispanic Group

Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) spoke tonight before the Republican National Hispanic Assembly meeting. Congresswoman Granger discussed a number of issues of importance to the Hispanic community and presented the group with an American flag that had flown over the Capitol.

"My district includes a large population of Hispanics," stated Congresswoman Granger. "I enjoy every opportunity I have to speak with Hispanic groups about the issues that interest them. Events like the Republican National Hispanic Assembly meeting allow me to discuss legislation I am working on and to hear from my constituents on the issues they care about."

Congresswoman Granger spoke extensively about the state of our economy and listed actions Congress has taken in the past year to get our businesses moving in the right direction. Some of this legislation includes a bill to help businesses get insurance against future terrorist attacks, a bill to stiffen penalties against corporate CEOs and legislation to make President Bush’s 2001 tax cuts permanent.

"Our economy is slowly recovering from last year's recession. Congress and the federal government will continue to do all we can to lower taxes and provide the stimulus our economy needs to get moving again," said Congresswoman Granger.

The issue of health care was also discussed at the event. Congresswoman Granger explained the details of the prescription drug benefit, passed by the House of Representatives, and laid out the specifics of her own SAVE Health Care Act.

"10.8 million Hispanics in this country live without health insurance," stated Granger. "This is more than any other ethnic group. My SAVE Health Care Act would provide a pre-payable, refundable tax credit that would give these 10.8 million Hispanics the access to affordable health insurance they deserve."

The final topic of the Congresswoman's speech was education. Congresswoman Granger outlined the "No Child Left Behind Act" which passed Congress last year and authorized a $26.4 billion increase in elementary and secondary education.

"With the 'No Child Left Behind Act', Congress and the President made a commitment to improve our schools by holding them accountable for students' performance. The bill gives parents more power to ensure their children get a quality education and provides the funds our poorest schools need to achieve excellence," said Congresswoman Granger.

Congresswoman Granger is one of a small number of representatives who maintains both an English and Spanish language version of her website. The site,, was recognized as one of the best in Congress when it was awarded the prestigious Golden Mouse Award this past January.

Congresswoman Granger also employs a full time bilingual constituent case worker. Mary Helen Enriquez, is the congresswoman's Hispanic liaison and assists
constituents when they have problems with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration and other federal bureaucracies.

"It is important that I communicate with all the constituencies in my district," stated Congresswoman Granger. "Tonight’s Republican National Hispanic Assembly, my spanish website and the work of my staff are all great opportunities for me to stay in touch and work with the Hispanic community."