WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12), Republican Leader of the House Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement today after she voted against a Democrat resolution to establish the rules, process, and committees of jurisdiction to continue with the impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

“For the past 37 days, the Democrat impeachment inquiry has been marked by closed door testimony, selective leaks to the press aimed at deliberately swaying public opinion, and a process that has been concealed from the American public and the majority of their duly-elected representatives in Congress.

“The resolution before us today makes one thing clear: Democrats are focused on reaching a partisan, predetermined outcome of impeaching President Trump, not uncovering the truth.

“Instead of legitimizing the impeachment inquiry as Democrats claim, this resolution makes an already broken and secretive process even worse. By further consolidating power with the House Intelligence Committee, this resolution will allow them to continue their investigation in secret. This ensures that one of this body’s most powerful and important committees – charged with keeping this country safe from the many threats we face – will continue to neglect the job their constituents sent them here to do. They have been so engrossed with this impeachment inquiry that they have not held a single briefing or hearing on a topic other than impeachment for more than a month.

“This resolution places more restrictions on the minority party than the Clinton and Nixon impeachments by controlling their ability to subpoena witnesses and putting limits on how Members can use their time to question witnesses during a public hearing – provided Democrats ever decide to hold one. It also continues to block the majority of Members from being involved in the investigation.

“Due process is a hallmark of American Democracy and the cornerstone of our justice system. By denying President Trump the ability to defend himself, present his case fairly and publicly and with due process, Democrats have made a mockery of what should be treated as one of our most serious and sacred duties. No resolution can undo that.”