Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) today released the following statement after CIA Director John Brennan’s prepared remarks to the Senate Intelligence Committee this week regarding the threat from ISIS.    

“In a week that began with the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11th and included President Obama defending the ‘significant progress’ made under his antiterror strategy, CIA Director Brennan offered a sobering picture of the formidable threat ISIS and its affiliates still pose. The CIA Director’s prepared remarks before the Senate Intelligence Committee are so remarkable because he laid out a much darker view of the challenges we face - only two days after the President spoke.

“He underscored the danger of Western fighters using ‘refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate means of travel’ in order to enter our country and kill Americans. Two years into President Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS, the terrorist group has been able to maintain its strength and capability to wreak havoc in the Middle East while inspiring troubled individuals to radicalize and do the same within their communities.

“It was also reported this week that 51 State Department diplomats signed an internal memo critical of the Obama Administration’s policy in Syria. The gulf between President Obama, his CIA Director and career diplomats in the State Department, highlights the pressing need for the Administration to take this threat seriously. There is no better way to respond to the horrific terrorist attack than with a clear strategy to defeat them.

“I have long advocated taking the fight to ISIS. We must also fully support our allies and partners around the world to take the fight to the terrorists abroad, rather than have it fought at home.”