WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congresswoman Granger attended President Obama’s State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress.  “It is clear tonight the President and his Administration’s policies have failed and Americans are the ones suffering the most in this distressed economic time.  Instead of running his re-election campaign on his record, he has turned on the ‘do-nothing Congress’ as the target of his campaign efforts.  The House has sent over 30 bipartisan jobs bills to the Senate, where 27 of them remain stalled in this Chamber and untouched by the President.”

“These divisive politics are barriers to progress – what the American people need is for a Congress and President that focus together on creating opportunities for economic growth through tax reform, reducing our nation’s deficit, and reigning in government spending.  Sound policies are what is needed now, not divisive political rhetoric.  As this President begins to conclude is first term in office, it is time for him to get to work with Congress and pass real solutions to the problems facing our nation.”

“Bipartisanship is key to move strong policies through the legislative process.  Tonight this need for more bipartisanship was emphasized by the member’s reaching across the aisle and sitting with our counterparts.  I sat with Ranking Member and Democrat from New York, Rep. Nita Lowey, to symbolize our strong bipartisanship and call for this to be furthered this Congress.” 

Congresswoman Granger’s guest for the joint session of Congress was fellow Texan, a Master Chief of the Navy and highly decorated Iraqi War veteran.