Granger Receives Choice Committee Assignments

Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) has received her official committee assignments for the 107th Congress. She returns to the powerful Appropriations Committee, while also picking up a new position on the House Budget Committee. Granger sat on the Budget Committee in the 105th Congress and is looking forward to returning. As one of only three Appropriations Committee representatives that will simultaneously serve on the Budget Committee, Granger will have a leading role in writing the budget blueprint and subsequently appropriating the funding for federal programs.

While the Budget Committee does not have subcommittees, the Appropriations Committee has announced that Granger will serve as Vice-Chair of Military Construction. She will also sit on the important Transportation Subcommittee and the Labor-Health and Human Services Subcommittee.

As the Vice Chair of Military Construction, Congresswoman Granger will play an important role in defining construction priorities for all of our nation's military bases, while being especially mindful of our own Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base. Granger will prioritize important base improvements that will enhance our military readiness and recruitment.

Granger will also continue to hold her seat on the Transportation Subcommittee. In the past, she has secured funding for important district projects like the Inter-Modal Transportation Center and the Northeast Transportation Service, which provides transportation for senior citizens.

Finally, Granger enjoys a new position on the Labor-Health and Human Service Subcommittee, where she will help fund a wide range of projects. For example, she will oversee programs that improve job training, access to community health centers and availability of important youth reading initiatives.

Granger comments, "I am very pleased with my appointment to the Labor-Health and Human Services Subcommittee. I want to ensure that our healthcare and education priorities continue to receive the financial commitment they deserve. Specifically, I plan to champion efforts to double the funding for the National Institutes of Health. With the proper funding, we can find cures for devastating diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's. I also plan to spearhead efforts to promote pediatric primary care and important children's health programs. Finally, while on this subcommittee, I want to make certain that our education dollars are spent wisely and that local school districts maintain the flexibility they have earned."