Washington, DC. - Today, Congresswoman Kay Granger (Fort Worth) co-hosted the second summit of the Trans-Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrorism (TAG) in Washington, DC.

As the co-chair of the Anti- Terrorism Caucus, Granger joined with colleagues in 2008 to create TAG to maintain a dialogue between legislators from Europe and the United States regarding strategic threats and the ongoing threat of international Jihadi terrorism to Western democracies.

Today the international group of legislators represented Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Romania and Cyprus.  TAG discussions, today, focused on the terror strategies and counter strategies in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia and Africa.  European and American legislators addressed and analyzed these various issues in their respective nations.

“TAG is a unique platform to share the successes and challenges of our respective approaches against the shared threat of Islamic Terrorism,” said Granger. “I strongly support an ongoing global dialogue to help legislators combat new threats. We know too well that terrorists know no boundaries and the ideas we discuss will help us stay ahead of our enemies and allow us to bring a more sophisticated perspective back to Congress.”