July 13, 2005  


Congresswoman Granger Calls Democrat Attacks on Rove Partisan Gamesmanship

Congresswoman Kay Granger released the following statement in response to Democrat demands for Karl Rove’s resignation for his talking to a Time magazine reporter about an undercover CIA agent:



“The President and Karl Rove are doing exactly what they should. They are cooperating fully with the pending investigation. Mr. Rove has explained that he was not divulging information to the reporter. He was trying to discourage the reporter from writing a story using information that was not accurate. He knew then that much of what Joe Wilson was saying was untrue. The calls for Mr. Rove’s resignation are simply partisan gamesmanship.”

Granger serves on the Appropriations Committee and the powerful defense appropriations subcommittee. She also serves as a majority whip. Granger is the first and only female Republican to serve in the Texas House delegation. Granger represents the 12th District of Texas and is currently serving in her fifth term in Congress.