Granger Announces F-22, V-22, Joint Strike Fighter Programs Funded by Appropriations Committee

The House Appropriations Committee today approved funding for two major Fort Worth-based military programs. Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) played a significant role in securing approval and support of the F-22 and V-22 programs. Funding will allow for continued research, development, and procurement for both programs. Major funding was also allocated to the Joint Strike Fighter program, whose contract will be awarded this Friday and could have a significant impact on the Fort Worth area.

"This funding is a big win for our Fort Worth-based defense industry. Lockheed Martin and Bell-Textron have once again proven that they are leaders in meeting our nation's defense needs. I was proud to work with Chairman Lewis and others on the Appropriations Committee to pass this funding. This funding means we hold on to important jobs in our area." Granger stated following the markup.

The Committee agreed to $3.77 billion in funding to be used in advanced procurement and research/development for the F-22. This program is currently supported by 2,000 jobs in Ft. Worth and this funding stabilizes those jobs.

Total funding for 11 V-22 transports (9 Marine version and 2 Air Force Special Operations versions) is over $1.8 billion for research/development and procurement. The V-22 program is supported by up to 2,500 jobs at Bell-Textron plants in Fort Worth and this funding also stabilizes those jobs.

The Joint Strike Fighter program was funded at $1.5 billion for research and development. The contract for this program is in the bidding process between Boeing Industries and Lockheed Martin. If Lockheed Martin is awarded the contract, Fort Worth could see up to 4,500 jobs created for this project. The announcement of the winning contract is scheduled for this Friday, October 26th.

"Congress is working very hard to make sure our military needs are met during this critical time for national defense. I am very pleased the Fort Worth defense industry is able to contribute so significantly to this crucial effort. I will continue to work with my colleagues throughout this appropriations process to ensure the F-22 and V-22 are given the highest priority for funding," Granger added.