WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) Wednesday co-sponsored legislation that would provide stringent protection for America against terrorists who attempt to slip into the country under any program involving refugees from Syria or Iraq.

Granger warned on Sunday that current safeguards are inadequate and said the administration should suspend the admission of Syrian refugees into the United States. Evidence has shown that one or more of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks had entered Europe in the wave of refugees.

“I have urged the Administration to stop admitting any more Syrian refugees in this dangerous environment,” Granger said. “It is clear that we need much better safeguards before we can accept any refugees from that area.”

Granger on Wednesday co-sponsored the “American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act of 2015,” which was introduced by Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas, the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Under this legislation, no Syrian or Iraqi refugee can enter the United States until the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the Director of the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence unanimously agree that the individual does not pose a security threat and provide that certification to Congress.

Granger, who is chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, told her colleagues at a meeting this week that the United States has been extremely generous in providing relief to refugees from the Syrian conflict.

The United States has provided $4.5 billion in aid to people affected by the Syrian conflict, and supports millions of people in Syria and the surrounding nations, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development.

“We have provided the largest proportion of aid for refugees in the countries surrounding Syria, and we will continue to provide that support,” Granger said. “The United States will not turn its back on this crisis.”

The full text of the legislation can be found here.