Granger Praises President Bush For His Commitment to the Hispanic Community

Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) praises President Bush today for his first 100 days in office and his commitment to the Hispanic community through his dedicated efforts:

"This Monday will mark the completion of the first 100 days of the Bush presidency. It has been a great beginning for a man who is already becoming a great President.

But as a Texan, this comes as no surprise to me. I saw George W. Bush as Governor bring people together and get things done. He focused on common sense and he found common ground. To help him achieve his agenda, he appointed large numbers of women, minorities, and small business professionals.

Now as President, George W. Bush is once more throwing open the doors of opportunity to all Americans from all walks of life. Already in the first 100 days he has appointed more than twice as many Hispanics as his predecessor. But President Bush isn't doing this to make a statement; he's doing it to make a difference. He knows that his agenda will help all Americans. And that's why he wants all Americans to take part in his administration.

And so as the 100 days end, we praise President Bush for a great beginning. And we pledge to support him as he works to pass his agenda for America--improving our schools, lowering our taxes, strengthening our military, and renewing our society with faith-based and community initiatives. This is a common sense plan that will have a profound impact on our nation and our future. I urge Congress to support the Bush agenda."