Congresswoman Kay Granger made the following statement in response to the attacks in Brussels:

The terrorist attacks on the Brussels airport and metro are a reminder that we must remain vigilant against the radicals supported by the Islamic State, who have declared war on innocent people in Europe and around the world.

The reports that Americans were injured in the attacks emphasize that we will not be safe until we eradicate ISIS.

This is a stark warning that we must attack ISIS where it is based if we are to win this war against extremists. The House voted unanimously to declare that ISIS is committing genocide, and that declaration was made official by the State Department.

Congress must provide our military and intelligence agencies with funding and equipment necessary to protect our national security abroad, where these threats develop. I will support robust funding for our national defense, and for the programs overseen by the State Department that aid in the fight against ISIS, other terrorist groups, and other radical extremists.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Brussels and all of our allies in Europe. Our response to these atrocities must be to unite with our friends and allies around the world with a renewed commitment to the annihilation of the Islamic State.