Washington, DC- Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX-12) released the following statement after the Democrats allowed a government takeover of the health care to move forward:

“Without transparency and only 72 hours to review the final version of this incredibly complex legislation, Harry Reid cut enough backroom deals to move the Senate health care bill forward. While the power brokers were able to make the changes to the legislation needed to buy votes, they did nothing to address the core problems with the bill. This is democracy at its worse. With a majority of Americans now opposed to the Senate legislation this is Washington telling Americans, once again, that they know best. This is a bill that might be good for Nebraska, but it is certainly not good for Texas.

“This is still a government takeover of health care, and the same issues remain for consumers: costs will still go up, premiums will continue to rise, access to quality care will decrease, and 8-9 million people will lose employer coverage under the Reid bill. This is not the reform that Americans had in mind.”