July 18, 2006  


Granger Presents Congressional Award Bronze Medal to Three Fort Worth Youth


Fort Worth – Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) Monday awarded the highest honor bestowed upon America’s young people—the Congressional Award for good work done for the betterment of the community and for attaining personal development goals.

Granger awarded the Congressional Award Bronze Medals to Joshua Gregory, Daniel Gregory and Zachary Welborn, all of Fort Worth, in a ceremony in her office.

Joshua volunteered more than 100 hours on a variety on public beautification projects through his Boy Scout troop and served as scribe for the troop.  For personal development, he improved his guitar and basketball skills.

Daniel volunteered more than 100 hours through his Boy Scout troop, served as troop patrol leader and troop guide as well as a troop projects coordinator.  For personal development, he improved his classical guitar skills and earned his yellow and gold belts in American Karate.

Zachary volunteered more than 100 hours at his neighborhood library, shelving books, assisting patrons and helping librarians.  For personal development, he improved his guitar skills and learned the first 10 moves of Kata martial arts to earn a second don black belt.

The Congressional Award was established in 1979 by Public Law 96-114.  More than 6,500 awards have been earned, representing more than 1.5 million volunteer hours performed in community service across America.

The award is non-competitive. Recipients do not win the award. They earn it. Bronze, silver and gold medals are presented to all young people who meet the requirements, regardless of physical, mental or socioeconomic circumstances. 

To register to earn the Congressional Award call 1 888-80-Award or visit the web site at