Washington, D.C. - State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee Chairwoman Kay Granger (TX-12) released the following statement on the future of Egyptian aid: 

“Egypt has been a key strategic partner for the United States for over thirty years.  One year ago the Mubarak regime fell, and since then Egypt has been a country in rapid transition.  As the FY 2012 appropriations bill was developed, Members of Congress knew that the situation on the ground was evolving and that a range of events could occur.”

“For that reason, I worked with my colleagues to place conditions on the aid so that it will support an Egyptian government that wants to uphold democratic principles and its commitment to the Camp David Accords.  The Congress couldn’t have been more clear.”

“Recent actions taken by the Egyptians call into serious question their commitment to democracy and their partnership with the United States.  The harassment of Americans who are in Egypt trying to help build their democracy is unacceptable.  Not one more dollar should flow to the Government of Egypt until the Secretary of State can assure the American people that this issue is resolved.”