WASHINGTON – This week, Ranking Member Kay Granger (R-TX), the top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, took steps to maintain America’s global superiority and counter influence by the Chinese: joining a bipartisan group of lawmakers in cosponsoring H.R. 7178, the “Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America Act,” and introducing a motion to restore funding for the Countering Chinese Influence Fund, which was woefully underfunded in the Democrats’ partisan bill.

On the CHIPS Act, Granger said, “Our national security depends on access to cutting-edge semiconductors, which build computer chips used in almost all defense systems, weapons, telecommunications devices, and critical infrastructure. These small electronic devices have outsized impact, and the country that leads in advanced chip innovation and production will also lead its competitors in deploying the technologies of the future, including artificial intelligence and 5G.

"Thanks in part to many Texas-based semiconductor manufacturers, our country remains a leader in chip design—but due to their manufacturing and development advantages, several Asian-based companies are now dominating the American microchip market. The greatest growth has been seen in China, where the Chinese Communist Party aims to dominate the entire global semiconductor supply chain. I’m proud to cosponsor the CHIPS for America Act to maintain American superiority. Ambitious action now will help secure our technological future and our common defense, and ensure that the world’s most advanced chips are made by American workers for generations to come."

On the Countering Chinese Influence Fund, Granger said, “The Chinese Communist Party is actively working against U.S. interests all over the globe – from space technology, to deceptive trading practices, to their outsized influence in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. The threat from China is significant, and now is not the time to retreat in our efforts to stop their destructive actions. We must directly address China’s actions in order to protect our national security and maintain U.S. leadership throughout the world. This fund is one way to do that."


The CHIPS Act aims to restore American leadership in semiconductor manufacturing by increasing federal incentives to stimulate advanced chip manufacturing, enable cutting-edge research and development, secure the supply chain, create American jobs, and strengthen national security.

The Motion to Recommit (MTR) offered by Granger during debate of the Democrats’ funding bill would have added $102 million to restore funding for the Countering Chinese Influence Fund to the current fiscal year level of $300 million, a fund that was established last year to address the growing reality that Beijing has a foothold in areas of critical importance.

Ranking Member Granger’s remarks during floor consideration today are linked below: 

H.R. 7608 Motion to Recommit Remarks