ICYMI: This week, I joined Mark Davis on 660 KSKY, Charles Payne on Fox News, and the Fox and Friends First team to talk about President Donald Trump’s strong and optimistic message at the State of the Union address and Speaker Pelosi’s embarrassing actions following his remarks.

Radio Interview with Mark Davis at 660 KSKY

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The Mark Davis Show - KSKY 660AM

On Speaker Pelosi’s actions: “Speaker Ryan and Speaker Boehner - they may have disagreed with the President on a multitude of issues, but they treated him with respect. Can you imagine the outrage if they had acted this way towards President Obama? What Nancy Pelosi did was shameful, and it degraded the proceedings of the joint session. The other thing, Mark, when she tore [the President’s remarks] up, it was a slap in the face to those heroes and their families that the President had honored.”

On President Trump’s State of the Union: “He went over all the things that have happened with the economy - incomes are rising, poverty and welfare rolls are falling, millions of jobs have been added, Americans of all backgrounds are thriving, workers are coming off the sidelines.”

On military funding: “I want to make sure that every year that I am in Congress, I help keep our nation safe and support our military with the best training and the best equipment in the world.”

On securing the border: “When President Trump said we need to secure our border, I said, ‘I’m there.’ And I’ve been there. No one has been more active in supporting our border and building the wall than me.”

On President Trump promises: “By gosh, he gets things done. He steps up every single time. One of my favorite lines of his speech was, ‘the only victories that matter in Washington are victories of the American people.” I love that. That is so true, and he never forgets that. He gets it done. He keeps his promises.”

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Your World with Charles Payne

On the importance of the State of the Union: “The State of the Union address is a tradition where the president gets to speak to the nation. And there's been a sense of respect, regardless of partisanship, a respect for the president and his words. I saw that shattered yesterday. I think it's a very sad thing.”

On the resolution: “I brought a privileged resolution to the House for a vote to say that she misused her time and was disrespectful.”

On the President’s record: “The President's….doing what he said he would do. It's a good time economically - a time we should celebrate.”

On working together for the American people: “I hope we somehow get to work together, as many of us do work together. But a situation like that that was so public, the disrespect was so obvious, that could set us back some. All of us want to get our work done and report back to our districts what we have done and how we're using this good economy. And that's what I'm trying to do.”

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Fox and Friends First with Jillian Mele and Rob Schmitt

On the honored guests: “The actions of the Speaker in tearing up the speech not only violated decorum that’s always been part of the State of the Union address but also tearing up the speech sort of tore up [the honored guests] time in the spotlight which they certainly needed to be recognized.”

On the need to hold Members accountable: We’ve done this before when someone does not stand up to what we expect from leaders like her and if you watch this over and over again it was a stunt.

On restoring civility in politics: “I hope that somehow we go back to working together. That could have been done at the State of the Union address. Both parties should work together for the American people, that’s what we were asked to do.”