Coronavirus Update: December 2nd, 2020

By The Numbers:

Statistics are current as of December 2nd, 3:30 p.m. CT  

  • In Texas, 10,870,202 people have been tested, resulting in 1,184,250 cases and 21,549 deaths, as reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services. There are an estimated 188,984 active cases in our state, and an estimated 976,517 coronavirus patients in Texas have successfully recovered.  
    • Tarrant County has at least 89,224 confirmed cases, the fourth-highest number of cases among Texas counties; Parker County has 3,884 confirmed cases; and Wise County has 1,768.  
  • In the United States, there are at least 13,626,022 cases and 269,763 deaths, as reported by the CDC.

Need to Know:

  • We’re on the cusp of beating the coronavirus, thanks to Operation Warp Speed. Last month, I wrote to you about Operation Warp Speed, the Trump Administration’s historic plan to deliver a coronavirus vaccine to the public in record time. Now not one, but two, over 90% effective coronavirus vaccines are pending approval for public use. On November 20th, Pfizer became the first company to file for FDA authorization of its vaccine. This week—only ten days later— Moderna became the second company to apply for emergency use authorization of its vaccine. Both these two promising coronavirus vaccines were major beneficiaries of Operation Warp Speed. Today, the Pfzier vaccine just gained authorization for public use in the U.K., and the CDC Director said that the first deliveries of the Pfizer vaccine could begin as soon as next week.
    • Hope on the horizon for Texas. Governor Abbott said that Texas state officials are prepared to distribute doses of the Pfizer vaccine as soon as it is approved, and he has already announced the guiding principles for Texas’ coronavirus vaccine process. Our metroplex will play a significant role in vaccine distribution, through American Airlines, which is already conducting trial flights to prepare for its role in transporting the vaccine.
  • There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but only you can keep it shining. Despite vaccines on the horizon, we must all do our part for a healthy Texas. Coronavirus cases are still rising dramatically in our state. In North Texas, yesterday marked the fifth consecutive day of more than 15% of North Texas hospital beds being used by coronavirus patients. If North Texas reaches seven days above 15%, a Governor’s order will shut down bars again and limit restaurants to 50% capacity throughout North Texas.
  • Fort Worth and Tarrant County announce the schedule for free coronavirus tests through the holidays. The City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County have announced that they will continue to offer free coronavirus saliva testing through the holidays, until January 8th, 2021. Click here to view times and locations. To locate a testing site anywhere in Texas, visit
    • Click here for CDC recommendations for safely celebrating the holiday season.