November 19, 2003  


Granger Secures $1.3 Million for Fort Worth in Energy and Water Projects


$27.3 Billion Appropriations Conference Bill Passed by House

H.R. 2754, the FY 2004 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act Conference bill, was approved yesterday in the House and sent to the President’s desk for signature. Congresswoman Kay Granger (R – Fort Worth) supported this bill which includes funding for several important Fort Worth water projects.

The bill provides $1 million in federal funds to continue a study which moves the "Trinity River Vision" plan forward. The Trinity River Vision plan calls for sidewalks, bike paths, and other improvements that will encourage residential and business developments along the Trinity River. This ongoing study, guided by the Army Corps of Engineers, targets environmental goals of the project such as flood control, water quality, and environmental restoration as well as aesthetics in the waterway’s design.

"The Trinity River Vision could be the most important project since DFW airport and the downtown master plan," said Granger. "Transforming a city is not an exaggeration when describing this project."

The bill also includes funding for another project along the Trinity River known as the Riverside Oxbow project. This bill included $350,000 to cover the cost of pre-engineering and design work. (The Trinity River’s current West Fork route and its older West Fork channel, located just east of downtown Fort Worth, formed an oxbow when the channel was realigned. The term "oxbow" refers to U-shaped bends that rivers can form when their water supply is cut.) This funding will reestablish a light flow of water through the old oxbow, creating wetlands and developing recreational opportunities on this section of the Trinity River.

This bill also funds the Corps of Engineers for 2004 in their civil works programs which protect the nation’s shoreline and improve nationwide flood control. The Department of Energy will also receive $22 billion to manage renewable energy programs and conduct research on alternative energy technologies. The FY 2004 bill is $1.19 billion above FY 2003 and $382 million above President Bush’s budget request for this year.

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