January 5, 2007  


Granger Statement on Beginning of the 110th Congress


WASHINGTON, D.C.-Republican Conference Vice Chair Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) issued the following statement today regarding the beginning of the 110th Congress. 


"Tomorrow will be an historic day as Congress witnesses the election of its first female Speaker. I extend my congratulations to Democrat-elect Speaker Nancy Pelosi on this momentous achievement.


"I stand ready with my Republican Colleagues to work with Democrats in a bi-partisan manner to get the job done for the American people. This is what the American people asked for on November 7 and this is what Democrats promised would happen if elected.


"Thus far I have been disappointed by press reports of the Democrat-elect leadership's about-face on the promises they made. They will not be allowing for a full and open debate on legislation being introduced in the first 100 hours. This is not bi-partisanship nor is it what they promised they would do. However, it is not too late to reverse course and be inclusive. I encourage the Democrat leadership to do so, both to stay true to their ardent promises and also because that is what the American people asked us to do.


"Additionally, I applaud President Bush's call to balance the budget and reduce the deficit in five years. I believe we can do this if we work together. The economic policies put into place by the Republican-led House over the past five years have resulted in the current economic success. I hope that Congress continues to support this growth."